A Marriage Proposal in Venice


Take a young American man in love with Venice, take an island with picturesque, colourful tiny houses, and you have a fantastic spot for a marriage proposal.

Allan spent a few days scouting in Venice on the search for the perfect spot to propose to his girlfriend, Janelle. Wow…! A marriage proposal in Venice! Sounds great! However, the choice of the site can be somehow overwhelming, as there are so many romantic places in Venice.

Moreover, there are several factors that you need to consider that your proposal planner will be able to explain to you. One for all is the presence of so many visitors and tourists in Venice, which can affect your marriage proposal’s privacy. 

The colorful houses of Burano island - Venice

Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon. It is said to be the most colourful place on earth because of its brightly painted houses.

For this reason, Allan visited the small island of Burano, in the lagoon facing Venice, where he immediately felt that its tiny, colourful houses along the canals were the perfect background for proposing to Janelle. A cheery and coloured mood represented very well the joyful life he wanted for them.

Burano has been home to fishers for many centuries, and a legend says that they painted their houses in bright colours so they could see their way home when fog coated the lagoon.

However, to get that nice view, it was essential to arrange the proposal early in the morning, before visitors would fill canals and streets.

Whether on the lagoon islands Burano and Murano or in central Venice, a marriage proposal should happen no later than 8.30 am. So a taxi-boat was ready for them at their hotel at 8.00 am for a 20 minutes drive.

at the arrival, Burano was magic …

The sun was shining in the silence of the early hour, making the colours of the houses, if possible, more vibrant. The water flowed quietly in the canals, and the locals were starting their everyday activities.

Needless to say that the early wake up was worthwhile. One of the most romantic spots of Burano, the one Allan chose to propose to Janelle, was still immaculate. The island’s visitors would come from central Venice later.

After the proposal, Janelle and Allan enjoyed the photo session along the canals and through the narrow streets of Burano.

pure joy…

But a marriage proposal in Venice should include some pictures taken in the most iconic spots of this gorgeous town. So a taxi boat took us to Piazza San Marco, where visitors and tourists were already filling streets and sites.

Now it’s time to indulge in some relaxed and funny poses, anticipating the joyful life together that Allan wished for them.

Such beautiful memories…

and lots of fun…

Photo credits: Cristina Lanaro, Monica Viviani

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